Monday, December 6, 2010

Lipsync with new faces

Here is the Youtube version
There are all the faces I used (just 8 because the "V, B" shape wasn't accepted at first) and a pic of the setup with my G2. The posts on the bottom did not work at all as a key for the masks. One side was too wide and the other was too thin. So I made a clay jig to register each mask using the forehead and eyes.
I realize now that you need to make spaces for magnets and have keys from the very beginning. I also think I need to learn how to animate in Blender so I can test the shapes first. My "A, I" shape is a little too exagerated for my character.
I finished this ahead of schedule and in doing that I sacrificed a few things like designing a skull with magnet registering, testing the mouth shapes in Blender and figuring out the eye issue, but with this kind of work if it's not one thing it's another.
The faces in the lipsync are are out of the box fresh - I didn't sand or paint them. One of them is a little brown from the clay I used as the key. I am going to sand and paint them and continue to work out how the eyes will work.
In the end I think it was good to quickly get these faces printed to just have them and learn from something solid and real.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Awaiting 9 replacement faces from Shapeways

I finally am back on track with my project. I just sent off nine files to Shapeways and I will receive the printed masks after Thanksgiving.
I redesigned the face so it has less detail on the cheeks (rounder and less gaunt). I also put a small post where the neck bone would be that should fit snugly into a 5/32 square brass tube.

The nine faces are in the following mouth shapes:
c, d, g, k, s, etc...
a, i
w, q
f, v
m, b
I'll certainly post when I get the faces.