Saturday, September 6, 2008

Panning a room

Shot 5 has evolved into a panning shot of the whole room. In the finished shot he will walk from the chair to the drawers and take out a book. The posted video is just my practice run to get down a smooth pan. That's my first armature standing next to the drawers.

I printed lines .5 degrees apart radiating in a circle and taped that to part of the tripod, then I cut a pointer out of tin, taped that above the lines and moved the tripod by hand.

The pics below might explain it.

The set is 2 1/4" scale (the door is 15" tall).


jriggity said...

I dont see a video?


jriggity said...

ahhh....that worked perfectly!


Don said...

That's the best- done pan I've seen with a standard tripod.

If a camera move is ever not smooth enough to your liking, you might try enabling frame blending in your NLE. That will smooth it out to where it won't strobe.

Also, have you checked out the Manfrotto 410 geared head? It's great for this sort of thing- much easier to judge a camera move. Multi-layered onion skin in the framegrabber also helps.

Kenneth Sipel said...

Don what's an NLE?
I've heard about the geared head, but I've never seen one.