Monday, June 1, 2009

Change in plan

I decided to change the way I will animate my characters head. I was all gung ho about the silicon mask and poured one to test the concept. At first (this was back in Nov 08) I was happy - it looked great, there was an issue with bubbles, but looked good. Then I tested eyebrow movement and the whole eye moved including the eye shape deforming. So now I'm back to using replacement faces. Frankly it doesn't hurt that Coraline pulled it off fantastically. For now I'm sculpting mine by hand, but the 3D printer idea looks totally fun and well, helpful.


jriggity said...

cool pics of your faces when finished.


tonychauzer said...

Wow man you have some great stuff going on here. That sled contraption is very clean. Was that difficult to construct?